Who we are? Vision

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Hans Cultural Centre is a charitable agency that grants funds to non - profit and non- organizations all over India. It enhances social development in India through its funding operations and aims to mitigate inequality in the country. Replication of the practices of partner organizations allows less privileged sections of society becomes more stable and homogenized. Being a non-profit, voluntary and registered society, we undertake projects in research and education.

Our aim
The aim of nonprofit organization is to not only fight hunger but also bring children to the school. New technologies are being leveraged to cater millions of children and change the existing situation. Objective: Hans Cultural Centre offers grants to all the deserving cases like people who want support for medical expenses, education and support for disabled people. These grants are granted only at the discretion of the trustees. All the requests for grants should be supported by proper documents and trustees make their decision according to that. The national level development organization benefits children and their families every year through its various projects that focus on education, livelihood, and women empowerment in India. The focus of the organization is to create a better nation in all aspects - social, economic, cultural, etc. Gradual change in the society can be seen with our work. Being at beginning stage, a lifecycle approach of development has been adopted and the focus is given in its intervention for the children, families and the community at large. Unless members of civil society involve in the process of development proactively, a sustainable change is impossible to happen. Why us: We sensitize and engage the civil society and make it an active partner in all the welfare initiatives. There is poverty, despair and illness all around and we bring hope in their lives. We believe, together we can make an everlasting change in the country.

The Hans Cultural Centre is a charitable funding agency aimed at providing grants and funding to non-profit and non-governmental organizations all across India. The aim is to enhance social development in India and through its funding operations, with an aim to mitigate social inequality in India.

Our Address
42,Opposite Radha Swami Satsang Gate No. 4B, Bhatti Mines Road,Chhattarpur, New Delhi - 110074
011-30135184 info@hansculturalcentre.com
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