Awareness for TB

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HCC’s endeavors to fight against tuberculosis and prevent the incidence of TB in areas and geographies inhabited by the poor living in subhuman and unhygienic conditions are the steps initiated in the interest of the indigent and hapless needy.

TB or tuberculosis is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs. It is a menace that has afflicted the poor on global scale. However, it is a heartening piece of news for all of us that, with the sustained efforts made by the governments and philanthropic organizations across the globe, many geographical areas have been extricated from the tentacles of the deadly disease. This disease has two dangerous aspects, one, its treatment is expensive and prolonged requiring dietetic care and, two, it is highly infectious in nature.

Usually, there are two types of tuberculosis patients, the one, with latent bacterial activity and, the other, with active bacterial functions. The latent type tuberculosis is not infectious while the other type with active bacteria is highly infectious. Of the total tuberculosis patients, one third is infected with latent tubercular bacteria.

The target area is first approached from prophylactic angle on a mass scale quite exhaustively. Thereafter, the programs of tuberculosis awareness and identification of positive cases are launched

The awareness program for TB is organized where certain measures have already been launched to prevent the spread of this disease. The awareness programs are organized to disseminate the following points:-

One, to avoid contacts with a TB patient, especially, by not sleeping with him or her

Two, to wear a mask while going near the patient and to keep the patients in well-ventilated rooms where the chance of the transmission of bacteria could be minimized.

Three, to administer BCG injection to children in order to vaccinate them against TB.

Four, not to discontinue treatment and medication midway.

Tobacco use has been found to increase the risk of active TB. However, HIV-positive people are more susceptible to TB because their immune system is rendered weak.

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Main symptoms of the TB are:

•    Coughing with or without expectoration of mucus, phlegm and blood
•    Feeling of chillness
•    Fatigue and weakness
•    Fever
•    Loss of weight
•    Loss of appetite
•    Night sweating


TB may affect other parts of the body. It spreads to other parts via the bloodstream. It produces the following symptoms depending on the part involved. 

1.    When bones are infected, it can lead to spinal pain and joint destruction.
2.    When it affects the brain, it can lead to meningitis.
3.    It can affect the liver and kidney affecting the process of waste rejection from the body.
4.    When it infects the heart, it affects the blood circulation.

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