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HCC’s sense of donation in kind stems from the fact that, in the contingent and exigent situations arising in areas that are flood ravaged, or famine and fire struck, or epidemic and disaster hit; the affected people there need immediate help in kind, as they happen to be in a siege-like condition. Their needs, such as of medicine, clothing, food, etc. should be met with on a war footing. In such situations of emergency, we, at HCC, rush our help in kind to the target at the shortest notice.

The other target areas on the radar of HCC are smalltime schools catering to poor children, who lack necessary things like school bags, copy notebooks, books, school dress, etc. We could provide them with the necessities but, for that, we need some reliable agency to mediate between the target schools and HCC.

Ghettoes and slums could be yet another area to draw HCC’s attention where we could see to it that at least the healthcare needs and the educational needs of growing up children are taken up and met with. However, for that too, we require the active mediation of a team of dependable and reliable local volunteers.

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HCC’s object of taking up such projects of empowering and encouraging the impoverished children in the formative phase is pregnant with the twin objects of serving the needy and making the country strong, at the same time. As such, HCC could identify and sponsor such groups of poor children and youths, which are determined to emerge as star performers in the field of martial art, game, sports, dance, etc.; take care of their nutritional requirements and provide them with all such necessities that are specific to the field of their respective choice.

The Hans Cultural Centre is a charitable funding agency aimed at providing grants and funding to non-profit and non-governmental organizations all across India. The aim is to enhance social development in India and through its funding operations, with an aim to mitigate social inequality in India.

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