Natural Disaster

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It is quite usual for the vast demographic base of India stretching across the length and breadth of the country through zones and regions of widely varying climatic conditions to be hit by natural disasters like tsunami, earthquake, cyclone, deluge, etc.; and affected by natural calamities like flood and famine, epidemic outbreak, massive-scale fire accidents, etc. Such scenes of large-scale ravages need immediate management in terms of the shifting of the affected to safer places and meeting them with immediate requirements of food, drinking water, clothing materials and medicines.

 The relief-offering crews and troops must go to such scenes of heart-rending ravages duly armed with cooking wares and equipments, food supplies, tarpaulin tents and such other provisions as, tarpaulin sheets, beds, pillows, etc. to provide temporary shelters to the displaced; medical facilities and medicines to the casualties, etc. for large-scale tackling of the adversities on a war footing. Volunteers should be healthy, rugged, trained and inured to work under inhospitable conditions. The concept behind our meticulous preparedness is that the scope of our relief measures should be matching enough in contrast to the magnitude of ravages in terms of people affected and the extent of area involved.

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In case of necessity for additional logistical support, work force and allied stores, we have the back up of information bank on pan-India resource bases from where we could requisition additional facilities and supplies. Such maneuverability is easily tenable for HCC under exigent situations. Therefore, we remain connected to pan-India similar NGOs and other organizations to ensure speedy relief to the afflicted in a surefooted manner.

HCC’s credibility as a world-class organization is well established in terms of the utilization of fund in the interest of the targeted afflicted. Other relief providing world-class NGOs could establish with us a network of relationship to tackle disasters and calamities in the regions of Indian continent.

Once we proceed to tackle a problem of a gigantic magnitude, we prove our commitment to the task of tackling the problem without looking backward.

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