Hans Support to the Aged, the Orphaned and the Disabled thru’ Pension and Onetime Bounty

The Hans Cultural Centre has initiated the special pension and onetime donation schemes for the aged, the orphaned and the disabled. Those needy ones from these categories are considered and taken up for help who have homes to live and their near and dear ones to look them after but are in financial straits due to the lack of economic support base such as, pension, earning children or solicitous relations to extend financial help, etc. Such ones are considered for regular pension on monthly basis or for grant of onetime bounty. The monthly pension comes in handy for them to mobilize better the moral and physical support from their caring children or relations. But, those who lack basic facilities such as, tricycle for the disabled with lower limbs, ear microphone for people with hearing impaired, etc. are considered for onetime cash bounty to enable them to buy the requisite basic things and make their life comfortable and easy. In addition to these categories needing our financial help and support, we consider the widowed and abandoned women for regular monthly pension, and the indigent parents of girl children for onetime bounty to meet expenses on the marriage of their daughters.

A detailed survey conducted in India, time to time, reveals that a large number of disabled people, the aged people sans any viable means of financial support, orphaned children having no one to look them after, a good number of widows and abandoned women, and indigent parents with girl children, etc. are there in India needing help and support. HCC is all set to tackle their problems through a variety of measures as explained earlier.

With the gift of bounty to the disabled, they can easily go for excellent equipments and suitable materials that can promote their rehabilitation by making them mobile and keeping them in good stead. With monthly pension scheme, the orphaned children can prosecute their studies and make good citizens for the country; the aged, the widowed and the abandoned, etc. can live their lives with dignity and ease.

The Hans Cultural Centre is a charitable funding agency aimed at providing grants and funding to non-profit and non-governmental organizations all across India. The aim is to enhance social development in India and through its funding operations, with an aim to mitigate social inequality in India.

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