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HCC’s objects are fashioned to serve its twin purpose by, one, extending practical and material support to the needy deprived and, two, making the country strong, at the same time. The key to any country’s development and progress lies in education. Therefore, to make available the right and meaningful education to its budding human resource has always been the core issue for a country.

 For various reasons, not fit to be discussed here, the children of the deprived sections of society do not get meaningful education because the right type of education is imparted by world-class private sector schools which is prohibitive for students belonging to poor and marginalized sections. Even the intelligent and the especially endowed ones rot and do not come into the intellectual mainstream of the country to make India strong.

It is, therefore, pertinent for HCC to open a chain of world-class schools throughout India wherein to teach and grill the especially talented ones from the deprived class with a view to bringing them into the mainstream of the country to make India strong.  

In order to facilitate doing so, HCC plans to start a technical institute to impart five-year integrated B. Ed. course to prepare a right type of resource back up for launching the upcoming scheme of opening the chain of such schools.

We, under the egis of HCC, have already opened a few such schools and identified some schools through which we have addressed some of the problems of poor students by way of giving them scholarships, etc.

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Mid Day meal:

With an empty stomach, children from disadvantaged backgrounds cannot learn well. Often, such children do not eat regularly at home and they do not have a nutritionally balanced rich diet. Hans Cultural Centre allows children to attend school free of cost and feeds nutritious meals about four times a day. The entire cost of meals is covered by the society.

The Hans Cultural Centre is a charitable funding agency aimed at providing grants and funding to non-profit and non-governmental organizations all across India. The aim is to enhance social development in India and through its funding operations, with an aim to mitigate social inequality in India.

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