About the Organization

Hans Cultural Centre, hereinafter addressed as HCC, is a pan-India funding and charitable society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1960 (Regn. No. S-33590/1998) that strives to achieve its humanitarian goals of altruism and philanthropy through social, educational and cultural activities directed toward the backward and deprived sections of society.  As such, HCC opens centers for carrying out conformable action plans, organizes programs to promote cultural cohesion and trans-ethnic amity, tolerance and harmony; and sponsors various projects in allied fields for equitable development of society. And, in such endeavors, we, at HCC, discharge our assigned responsibilities with the extreme sense of humility and express our gratitude to the needy recipients of our services for their choosing HCC to be served.

Our  Aim
Our aims are; one, to mitigate the sufferings, difficulties and adversities of all those who are incapacitated to meet the impending challenges for reasons that are beyond their means; two, to reach out to the afflicted beyond normally available remedial measures in calamity, catastrophe, epidemic, accident, etc. like unmanageable situations; three, to disseminate the importance of harmony, amity, tolerance, humanism, cohesion, etc. cutting across the barriers of religion, culture, ethnicity, region, language, faith, following, etc. and organize programs to address such causes; four, to promote social development through quality and world class education, healthcare and by arousing  spiritual awareness; five, to preserve, promote and foster various art forms, such as folk, tribal and other art forms; etc.

The  Objects
The objects of HCC are; one, to establish and run educational institutions, to open and run a chain of hospitals and health centers, to establish museums to showcase musical instruments specific to various art forms and to organize allied and related programs for promotion, exhibition, innovation and exchange of all art forms; two, to promote intellectual activities through, one, publication of books and periodicals, two, research in various disciplines of relevance, three, conferences, seminars, workshops, symposiums and other such programs on various concerning subjects in the interest of the deprived and out-distanced people of India; three, to establish rehabilitation centers for the physically disabled and also to provide the stray ones with suitable aids, artificial limbs and tri-cycles to make their lives maneuverable and easy; four, to open and run homes for the aged who have none to support and look after, and also to indentify and extend help to other homes for the aged in a variety of manners to improve their quality and quantum of service; five, to  provide regular financial assistance, monthly or periodically, to the poor and needy, such as orphans, the physically disabled, widows, divorcees, the hard-hit ones of the natural calamities and disasters, and the other deserving categories of persons; six, to fund and promote the non-profit partner NGOs having identical objects of reaching out to the delineated target categories subject to the terms and conditions of MOU executed between HCC and the partner NGO, duly signed by the authorized signatories on behalf of the former and the latter, etc.

Why  Only  HCC
HCC is backed by a dedicated team of personnel to take charge of responsibilities related to its objects. While doing so, we, at HCC, reflect a humane sense of humility and equality with the needy recipients of our services. We consider this human aspect of our endeavors rather paramount and as such, the needy ones do not feel embarrassed in accessing us while seeking our help and assistance. We, hereby, beg to post  that we will receive and entertain the entire incumbent as well as the prospective recipients of our services as dignified individuals at our end. 

The Hans Cultural Centre is a charitable funding agency aimed at providing grants and funding to non-profit and non-governmental organizations all across India. The aim is to enhance social development in India and through its funding operations, with an aim to mitigate social inequality in India.

Our Address
42,Opposite Radha Swami Satsang Gate No. 4B, Bhatti Mines Road,Chhattarpur, New Delhi - 110074
011-30135184 info@hansculturalcentre.com
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